No more smiling behind your hand

Dental implants are a permanent solution for restoring your smile.
A dental implant is the closest you can get to a real tooth. Feel confident again as your new implant blends seamlessly into your natural smile.


At Sheppard Village Dental, we are proud to provide our patients with dental implants. Using a combination of crowns, dentures, bridges, or full mouth reconstruction, our experienced surgical team can ensure that you are proud of your smile.

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Many of our patients in the Scarborough area of Toronto appreciate the fact that we are able to streamline the process by providing both the surgical phase (placement of the implant fixture into the jawbone) as well as the restorative phase (placing the crowns on top of the fixture) portions of the procedure. We value your time with us and commit to offering you a full range of treatment all in-house.

When a tooth is lost – either to decay, fracture or bone loss — the options used to be doing a three-unit bridge, leaving the space empty or dentures. Using this new technology, we are able to offer our patients something that looks and feels like your natural teeth. By using biocompatible titanium fixtures that are placed into the bone to support a new crown (or bridge) we are able replace the “root support” for natural looking permanent teeth. The advantages of dental implants are that they help maintain and preserve the bone height, prevent adjacent teeth from tipping and don’t involve turning a single tooth problem into a three-tooth problem by grinding down the adjacent teeth to place a bridge.

Depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth, their overall health (medical condition), their age, condition of the adjacent teeth and the health of the bone, an alternative treatment may be recommended. The best way to determine which option is best for you is to come in for a consultation with our highly trained doctors to discuss your individual condition and customized treatment plan. Dr. Brach has completed extensive training to strengthen his skills and knowledge to be able to recommend the best options for our patients. When you come in for your consultation, you will receive a plan to improve your smile, your health, your chewing function and your confidence!

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area and are considering dental implants, you will appreciate that our office has been serving the community for over 25 years. In addition, we offer various financing options for our patients to make the process easy. We also offer the option of having sedation during the procedure to ensure your comfort and relaxation.

Six Things You Should Know
Before You Get an Implant.

We believe in empowering our patients through education. Read below for the most commonly asked questions regarding implants. We always invite you to call us to set up a no-obligation consultation to determine which option is best for you.
    This is a great question. For us to accurately tell you what the cost of this procedure is, we need to look at your individual situation. During your initial consultation, we will review your x-rays, see what your mouth condition is, identify the best system to use and see the condition of the adjacent teeth and bone as well as the opposing arch. Fees may vary slightly depending upon where you live, the experience of the dentist, the quality of the lab used, the difficulty of the case, the materials selected and the current health of the bone area. Replacing a typical single tooth will be approximately the same fee as a 3-unit bridge.
    Every dental plan is different. Some plans will cover your treatment, some may not. Whether or not your plan will cover them is typically related to the specific plan your employer selected. We would be happy to do a complimentary benefits check to help you maximize what your particular plan will cover on your procedure.
    In general, the process will take approximately 3-6 months to integrate into the bone before you should put any lateral or significant pressure on it. This allows time for the “osseointegration” process where the bone tissue grows in and around the surfaces of the implant fixture. This can vary based upon the location in the mouth, whether there was a tooth taken out recently, whether we are placing multiple implants and how we will be restoring the chewing portion (individual crowns vs. bridges or dentures). To avoid compromising the success of the integration process, we don’t “load” an implant until it is ready. Other factors that affect the integration prior to placing the crown include whether any additional surgical procedures such as bone grafting, extraction, sinus augmentation or ridge preservation were needed. During the healing phase, we will often suggest a temporary “flipper” if esthetics or function is a concern. This way you can walk around without the appearance of a missing tooth.
    While most people can be candidates, there are certain scenarios where we would recommend waiting or suggest alternate procedures. Some of the factors we consider when deciding if you are a candidate for include:
    Habits – such as smoking, lifestyle, home care and diet.
    Medical Condition –  Diabetes, certain medications, history of cancer, autoimmune diseases and certain blood conditions might put the success at risk.
    Age – If you are young and your jaw is still growing, it is advised to wait. For example, if you had a front tooth knocked out as a young teenager, we would suggest waiting because the bone is still growing. On the other hand, if you are older, there is a possibility that your bone density might not be adequate for stabilizing an implant properly to support the chewing forces.
    To many patients’ pleasant surprise, the recovery is not typically as strenuous as other surgeries. Because the implants are placed into bone where there are very little nerves and blood supply (compared to other tissues), there is limited “feeling” involved in the recovery. Other than feeling like you were numbed, and the tissue had minor surgery to expose the area, the majority of our patients are pleasantly surprised how comfortable the procedure really is.
    Typically, a well-placed implant that is maintained regularly, has the potential to last a lifetime. They help preserve bone, provide the most natural looking option, preserve the adjacent teeth, and will never need a root canal or get decay between the titanium fixture and the crown. We love offering our patients this option. All of the other options will typically need replacement within 7-15 years and may not preserve the bone or adjacent teeth. While the procedure of actually placing dental implants has been around for over 50 years, the technology keeps improving and the materials and specific procedures we currently use will ensure you have the longest lasting service available providing approximately a 95% success rate.
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As the owner of Sheppard Village Dental for over 25 years, Dr. Brach is extremely passionate about making a difference in the holistic health of his patients.


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An active member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, Dr. Ghorbani is dedicated to the newest advancements in implant dentistry.


Dr. Ma feels extremely privileged to be able to change people’s lives by improving their smiles and establishing a healthy bite.